The Missionary’s Cry

Posted: February 1, 2017 by Daniel in Music

I finished writing my 4th song in Japanese.  It’s called The Missionary’s Cry because it sums up my core feelings and reasons for becoming a missionary.  It comes on pretty strong compared to my other songs, but if I only got one chance to say something, this would be it.

You can listen here:


It’s Jesus,イエス様唯一の神, 救う力がある方 , イエス様だけ他にいない


It’s Jesus, イエス様地上に来た救い主, 罪を許す権限があるんだよ


天国は本当にあるよ, 地獄もそう、実際にあるよ


It’s Jesus,イエス様唯一の神, 天国への道に導く, イエス様だけ他にいない

English meaning:

If I hear God’s voice, shouldn’t I tell you?
If I see God’s face, shouldn’t I let you know?
If I discovered the existence of God, shouldn’t I say something to you?
If I witness a miracle, then what?

It’s Jesus, Jesus, the only God, The one with the power to save
Only Jesus, there is no other

If you found heaven, I would want you to tell me
If you found love, I would want to know
If you found truth, I would want you to teach me
Moreover, if you found freedom, then what?

It’s Jesus, Jesus, the Savior who came to earth
He has the authority to forgive sins

Even though you can’t see Him, He loves you
Even though you have doubts, I think there’s a seed of faith, won’t it grow?
Even though you don’t believe, it’s reality, although if at all possible, I want you to believe
Even if you close your eyes,  it won’t change, it won’t disappear

Heaven is real and so is Hell ~ it’s actually there

When we leave this world,
don’t you want to know what becomes of us?
When you encounter God face-to-face, what happens next?
You’ve thought about all this before, haven’t you?
When you call out God’s name, who will answer?

It’s Jesus, Jesus, the only God
He will lead you to the road to Heaven
Only Jesus, there is no other

Blessed by the simple things

Posted: November 23, 2016 by Daniel in Thoughts

Life is made up of the mundane.  Sure, there are highs and lows… miracles and wonders.  But most of life is not a wonder – otherwise they would cease to be wonders.

As I was biking to work this autumn season, one morning, I was just struck by the daily, simple blessings I experience everyday.  There is so much to be thankful for in just the simple things.  I stopped for a minute on my way to work and snapped the following pic:


It’s beautiful.  The Japanese Maple (Momiji) have always been my favorite tree.  This particular one has 4 colors at once!  (Green, Yellow, Orange, Red)  And between my house and my work, there’s probably 100 of them in a row.  What are the odds that my favorite tree would line the sidewalk on my way to work?

So as I enjoyed the view, I just took the chance to appreciate all the simple things.  My family, my job, my freedom.  Remember, the simple things make up most of life, so if you can enjoy the simple things, you will enjoy most of life!

The History of Humans

Posted: September 10, 2016 by Daniel in Music

This is the 3rd Japanese song I wrote.  It’s supposed to be a concise history of the relationship between God and humans.  It explains one reason Jesus came – to restore that relationship.

You can listen online here:







English meaning:

Those who are lonely will be loved
Those who are empty will be filled
In the beginning, together with God
We were the apple of his eye
But the relationship crumbled

But broken things will be restored
Lost things will be found
There was a gap in the relationship
A distance between God and humans

But then Jesus came
For that reason, Jesus saved us
He was purposely sent to this earth

Those who were sad rejoiced
Those who were tired were revived
Jesus showed God’s kindness
To those who were separated
Hope appeared

Sinners were forgiven
God and humans were reconciled
He came as God
He died as a sacrifice

The dead were resurrected
We, too, were resurrected
Even you can believe

Party Time

Posted: July 18, 2016 by Daniel in Outreach

I had a party today with some friends from work.  We had 10 people to eat lunch and play party games.

I had a chance to play 3 Japanese songs I wrote for the group and that was the highlight for me.  That was one way I could share the message of the gospel with everyone and it was great!

English group party       Guitar at the party

Romaji Fail

Posted: June 27, 2016 by Daniel in Fun

I saw something last week that made me laugh.  You almost have to be a foreigner in Japan to notice these things.

There is a station nearby called ‘Ayashi’.  It’s spelled with the kanji for Love + Child (愛子)

We had some visitors at my work.  A bus came to pick them up called Ayashi Kanko (by the way Kanko means ‘sightseeing’ ~ 観光)

What was hilarious was that they wrote it in romaji (Japanese written in English letters)… and from my window, the pole was right in the middle:

Ayashi Kanko

So it looked like ‘Ayashii Kanko’, which as an adjective, Ayashii means suspicious or untrustworthy (怪しい)

The person hosting the group is a friend of mine, so I was making fun of her because they loaded our valued customers on such a dodgy means of transportation.

God Wants to Be Found

Posted: March 6, 2016 by Daniel in Music

I finished my second song in Japanese.  It’s meant to change (or shape) people’s image of God as someone who wants to be close to the people He made.

I’ll be playing it for some of my Japanese friends soon.  You can listen online here:

目を閉じて 心の中に 浮かぶのは何か
目を開けて 周り見渡して すぐに見えるもの
これらの物 何であるの
その理由は 何なんだろう

神様は造られた者 皆に見つけられたいと望んでいる
神様は離れたくない 私たちから 愛の神だから

どこ見ても 神の指紋見える
造った物に跡を残して 知らせる為
神の御前まで 遠くないよ
心を向けたら 思ったより 近い

虚しさから ときはなされる
生きる目的 見つかる、見つかる

Rough English translation:

Close your eyes, look inside your heart
What do you see?
Open your eyes, look around
What do you see?

The things around you
Why are they there? What’s the reason?

God wants to be found by the people He made
God doesn’t want to be separated from us
Because He’s a God of love

No matter where you look, you can see God’s fingerprints
He left traces behind on the things He made
So we would know

God’s presence isn’t far away
If you turn your heart, he’s closer than you think

You will be set free from emptiness
You will find the purpose of living

Christmas Boxes

Posted: December 18, 2015 by Daniel in Outreach

Japan is not known for charity.  On a personal level, people seem to be very willing to help others and share what they have.  But when the recipient is distanced or obscured in any way, that kind of giving just doesn’t seem to be a part of their mindset.

Nevertheless, various Christian groups in Japan teamed up to participate in: Operation Christmas Child
Our family also helped pack boxes and Nicole volunteered to help at the distribution center.  Interestingly, my employer is connected to Samaritan’s Purse and acts as the overall collection & distribution center for the entire country of Japan.

We helped pack Christmas boxes for poor children